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Incoco 真指甲油貼 – Cranberry Glaze


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Incoco 以指甲油顏色和設計套裝由2張雙面指甲油條組成,為每頁16個尺寸的選擇範圍。 甲油貼由100%真正的指甲油製成,持久14天,當您準備嘗試新的Incoco外觀時,使用洗甲水去除。 現在你可以給自己一個專業的指甲造型,不用受液體指甲油的麻煩。

Incoco nail color and design sets are composed of 2 sheets of double-ended nail polish strips, providing you with a range of 16 sizing options per sheet. The nail strips are made from 100% real nail polish, last up to 14 days, and come off with nail polish remover when you are ready to try a new Incoco look. Now you can give yourself a professional looking manicure without the hassle of liquid nail polish. Skip the dry time and get the best results with Incoco press on polish; just peel, apply, and go!

– 1 set of accent nails: 4 double-ended nail appliqués
– 100% real nail polish
– Base, color and top coat in every strip
– 3-Free: NO DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde
– No more drying time
– Last up to 14 days
– Removes easily with nail polish remover
– Made in USA