Ladamer Intensive Vitalizing Eye Cream 深層活膚眼霜

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產品介紹 :
1.   通過性能測試,證實能改善真皮層的彈性,改善眼部皺紋的眼部護理霜。
2.  Acell-300,如腺苷成分,維生素-E能滲透到皮膚深層,並提供營養,使疲倦的眼圈恢復活力。
3.  本眼霜應用納米技術,能令皮膚吸收更快,泛醇及角鯊烯,使皮膚光滑及明亮。


使用方法 :


使用時注意事項 :
1. 僅限於外用。
2. 如有過敏或發紅現象發生請即停止使用。
3. 存放在小孩拿不到的地方。

High performance wrinkle care eye cream with full of nourishing ingredients that gives firming and lifting effects bypenetrating deeply into eye zone.

* Description *
1. It is a performance-proven eye care cream that improves wrinkles around eyes by improving elasticity in dermal layer.

2. Ingredients such as adenosine, Acell-300, vitamin-E penetrate deep into the skin and provide nutrition. The skin around eyes where the signs of tiredness appears first becomes visibly vitalized.

3. Nano-technology applied to this eye cream enables it to be absorbed into the skin much faster. Panthenol and squalene make the skin smoother and brighter.

* Directions for Use*
Apply a small amount of the cream evenly on eyelid and under-eye area, lightly pressing with fingertips.


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